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Crocker Runners

Crocker students are learning goal setting, perseverance, good health habits and a love of running through Crocker Cruisers!


Twice weekly parent volunteers punch cards, hand out charms and cheer on your young runners. You have probably heard your student talk about what colored card they are on or what charm they were working towards at home.


As students progress they earn more charms, with the goal of achieving a marathon by the end of the school year. At the end of November we had a total of 64 students who had already completed their marathon and one student who has completed TWO!

In partnership with the Des Moines Marathon and with PTO funding we celebrate these finishers with a year end picnic and awards that include real marathon medals, water bottles and T-shirts with the catchphrase "I ran a Marathon!"


Teachers have reported that on Cruiser days the students come back to class more focused and ready to work. We are so lucky to have this opportunity for our students and hope that you are able to volunteer sometime! Crocker Cruisers starts up again after spring break from 11am-1pm on Tuesdays and Thursday- this program is 100% driven by parental volunteers and the giggles and smiles make it well worth it!